snowmobile family, Iceland with kids

Glacier & Snowmobile Tours

I’d recommend going with older kids on a Glacier tour since the circumstances on a glacier can be difficult. It really is a once in a lifetime experience!

Frequently asked questions about Glacier & snowmobile tours


How far in advance do I need to book a tour?

We would recommend booking your tours as soon as possible. They can get fully booked very quickly. Especially in the summer months.

Can I cancel my tour at any time?

You can in fact cancel at any time, but sadly most tour companies won’t refund you if you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the tours, unless the tour companies themself cancel because of bad weather, then you’ll be fully refunded. You can see our refund policy HERE which is in line with all of the companies we work with.

What should I wear on the glacier tour?

For winter tours in Iceland, we recommend wearing a wool base layer, a thick sweater and good hiking pants. Then it depends on the weather if you need a waterproof outdoor jacket or a good parka. Hiking boots with high ankle protection is ideal for the glacier hike and ice cave experience. You will get crampons to put on your boots before you go to the glacier. If you do not have hiking boots, you can often rent them at the time of booking the tour. A hat and gloves are also ideal for the glacier tours.


Are glacier tours difficult?

Some are pretty easy and some are very challenging. We would recommend reading in depth about each glacier tour if you want to participate in any of them and see which one fits your fitness level.


Is there any age restriction on tours?

Many tour companies do have an age restriction policy, so I suggest you read well over the information about the tours and then book the one that suits you.


Is there any weight restriction on tours?

No, there are no weight restrictions. But some companies require you to fit in protective overalls, like on snowmobile tours and the biggest overalls are 5XL.


Do I need to be in great shape to enter glacier or hiking tours?

Definitely not, you should at least be able to walk some distance, but these hikes are everywhere between ,,incredibly easy’’ and ,,very challenging’’ hikes. So don’t worry, you can read beforehand about the various glacier and hiking tours and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. If there are any questions about difficulty, feel free to contact us.